Culture VR - WHIST



What happens when the desires hidden in the dark corners of your mind are suddenly brought to light? What if they have been the driving force of your choices all this while? 

WHIST (60 minutes) is a physical theatre and virtual reality production inspired by Freudian case studies and Japanese artist Shuji Terayama.

WHIST invites you on a journey into the unconscious mind, where your instincts will guide you through a narrative of surreal dreams and fears. The experience merges Physical Theatre and Mixed Reality Technology, in an environment that blurs the boundaries between consciousness and unconsciousness, reality and fiction, the physical and the virtual. Through art and sound installation coupled with cinematic and interactive 360° film, you will be immersed in a world of unfolding dreams. Who knows where your subconscious will lead you?

WHIST is an hour experience, 20 audience member at the same time.  We toured to theatre, art gallery, empty shopping centre, church, library, business centre…

WHIST has toured to 9 countries and 22 venues/festivals in dance, film, media art and technology, seen by more than 8000 paying audiences and over 4550 people took part through workshop, talks and demo events.


Immersive installation, multisensorial

Description : The ultimate immersive experience

Platform compatibilty : Oculus Rift, HTC Vive

Technical Requirements : Specific hardware, software and operating processes, according to technical rider form the producer.

Tutorial : Contact production

User Mediation: Contact production