Culture VR - Whispering walls

Whispering walls


You open your eyes in a prison cell. A crack on a wall sparkles in the dark. As you walk to it, a name is engraved on the wall: Louis Jaconelli. New crack pop up on the wall, revealing new graffitis. As you chase them, a dust woman wakes up from an old memory. She needs you to help her find out what happened to Louis.

Squeals, voices, locomotive sirens, birds peeps lead you around the cell. From detention chronicles to resistance messages and pictural dreams, Louis’s graffiti speak of his jail time. They open to a larger narrative of the war and of his aspiration for happier days.

Whispering Walls is based on a documentary material, the graffiti left by freedom fighters in French jails, which were found at the end of the war. The experience tells the story of Louis Jaconelli, a freedom fighter who was jailed in 1944 when he was 18.



Interactive / Moving position

Description : The benchmark VR format.

Platform compatibilty : Oculus Rift, HTC Vive

Technical Requirements : VR Headset, dedicated space (3m b 3m mini), compatible desktop PC, Power outlet, headphone, Internet connection

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