Culture VR - The Wild West Show

The Wild West Show


The Wild West Show takes you to the heart of the American myth to witness the birth of the first female figure of the West in a device at the meeting of immersive theatre and virtual reality. The VR experience lasts 50 minutes and is set for 12 participants in the same time.

The Wild West Show is also the name of the show in which Calamity Jane appeared in 1899. This outstanding storyteller captivated New York audiences with her stories that forged the myth of the conquest of the West.

This fantastically theatrical character returns to the stage once again today thanks to technology. Motion capture and virtual reality give the actress the tools to carry her audience away in Calamity’s way. As the story unfolds, she takes turns playing the different characters as if she were putting on fantastic costumes.

After completing the experiment, participants can have a drink in a saloon that looks back on Calamity Jane’s life.