Culture VR - The Roaming – Wetlands

The Roaming – Wetlands


Two children flee into the night through a seemingly endless swampy expanse. Will you be brave enough to join them in the Wetlands and assist them?

Guided by a mysterious glow, you must first find your way through the darkness to the Voodoo Man whose spirit inhabits the tall grass. Joining him means finding a way to reach the children.

Created at the VRHAM! 2018 festival in Hamburg, The Roaming – Wetlands, a single user version of the experience was presented at the 2018 edition of the Venice VR Festival 75 – the section of the Venice Mostra dedicated to Virtual Reality. The production of the multi-user experience is planned for 2021-2022. The character of the Voodoo Man is interpreted alternately by Stephen Harrison and Nicolas Pradat.

Produced by La Prairie productions (Executive Producer) & DVgroup (France), Normal studio (Canada) and Wild Fang Films (Luxembourg), the project is supported by the CNC, La Ville de Paris, Pictanovo, the CMF and the Phi Center of Montréal. The project’s innovations were presented at MIT, as part of the Hacking XR Speaker Series at the invitation of Sandra Rodriguez. The project was also selected for the 2019 edition of Atelier Grand Nord (Sodec, CNC).

Format : Virtual reality immersive Theater
Compatibility : Oculus Quest 2
Languages : English, French.
Release : 2022


Immersive installation, multisensorial

Description : The ultimate immersive experience

Platform compatibilty : Oculus Rift, HTC Vive

Technical Requirements : Specific hardware, software and operating processes, according to technical rider form the producer.

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