Culture VR - Numerica



Numerica is a multimedia artwork. At the first approach, it is a photographic painting, a photo showing the codes and the appearance of a painting. Based on the 17th century’s Dutch trompe-l’oeil, it represents a still life with the five senses. Created in studio, photographed and retouched, this composition offers a game of discovery, as a proof of the past showing anachronisms.

The exercise of the trompe-l’oeil is defined by the will to reduce as much as possible the distance between the painting and the spectator by illusions. Virtual reality allows us to push this principle to its extreme by taking the viewer into the space of the canvas. This is where the second approach of Numerica makes sense. The spectator is no longer in front of the canvas, he is inside. But instead of just visiting, contemplating what’s around him, he’ll be able to interact with it.

The work becomes alive and invites dialogue with its observer. He is invited to create a musical composition by touching the objects. It is then that the walls collapse and the landscape grows to emancipate itself, creating the illusion of vertigo to the viewer. Numerica makes it possible to change the relation that the spectator has with a work. From a frontal report, he goes to an immersion.

From a passive point of view, he becomes active, actor and creator of the work itself. However, is the viewer really in the work ? Is not this once again an illusion?


Interactive / Moving position

Description : The benchmark VR format.

Platform compatibilty : Oculus Rift, HTC Vive

Technical Requirements : VR Headset, dedicated space (3m b 3m mini), compatible desktop PC, Power outlet, headphone, Internet connection

Tutorial : Contact production

User Mediation: Contact production