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Launched in June 2016, the flagship software platform called Wonda VR Studio allows filmmakers, journalists, educators and communicators to experiment and create immersive VR Experiences.
A creative authoring and publishing solution, this innovate platform lets anyone turn their 360° footage into interactive VR experiences such as immersive learning experiences, virtual visits, product demonstrations or interactive documentaries and fictions.

It features an easy-to-use drag and drop interface with a visual storyboard and multi-track timeline which allows anyone to create multiple story paths and add rich visual interactions based on user’s behavior and gaze.

In 12-months, Wonda VR Studio has been chosen by more than 150 production studios worldwide and prestigeous educational institutions such as NYU or Pearson.

In 2017, Wonda VR launched the Wonda VR 48H Film Tour, a series of creative workshops organized in cities such as Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong, Chicago and Johannesburg in partnership with the Institut Français.



Address: Maria Gemayel, 18-20 rue Claude Tillier, 75012, Paris

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