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Launched by Forum des images, Paris Virtual Film Festival is the very first festival entirely dedicated to Virtual and Augmented Realities, as seen through the prism of cinema and artistic creation. This event intends for both industry professionals and general public and it provides, among other things an international competition, a special focus, a wide variety of conferences for professionals and public round-table debates with many guests from around the world. An intensive two-day workshop is also organized for young creators.

Building on the success of the two first editions, the festival is the culmination of VR / AR schedule offered all over the year by Forum des images through weekly immersive experiences.

Mixing discoveries, innovations and analyses, Paris Virtual Film Festival must be seen as an exploration of what can be done for film and artistic creation thanks to these fascinating emerging technologies. Now it is time to think big again: come and join us on April 2018 for the third edition!