Lomet Julien

Lomet Julien

Julien Lomet is specialized in digital art research and exploration of virtual reality.


Julien Lomet is a research student at the Universities of Paris 8 and Rennes 2. He followed a university course teaching him the art of photography and theory of the 20th century’s avant-gardes, as well as a pictorial learning explaining the practice of classical oil painting and the art of composition.

After working on digital photography around Renaissant painting during his bachelor’s degree, his work turned to virtual reality. His research revolves around the process of creation of the artist according to the medium used, whether frontal to his canvas or in collaboration around virtual reality.

His questioning develops on the idea of ​​an emotion shared between the artist and the viewer, as an exchange of intimate universes in the format of paintings, videos and virtual environments.

Therefore he invites the viewer to become himself a creator in immersive and poetic works, forgetting for a few moments his daily life. The virtual worlds of the artist are a mixture of surrealism, fantasy, passion and illusory fears.