Laure Jullien

Laure Jullien

Laure Jullien realizes chromo-luminous dramas for VR devices, filmed in real capture. Laure Jullien explores the gap between perception and feeling, she is a graduate of Villa Arson, the National School of Fine Arts of Paris and the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne.


Filmed in real capture, Laure Jullien’s VR videos immerse us in a dreamlike universe, whose images successively evoke microscopic and macroscopic scientific imagery.

The narration of her VR videos is made up of visual and audio fragments. The luminous flux deforms, reflects, tints, makes objects and bodies disappear and appear by transmission.

To this open narration is added the possibilities of a 360 ° video, where the viewer chooses the angle of view.
Disoriented, the spectator can freely orient him/herself in this environment with changing atmospheres.