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HOLOVR PROD is specialized in the creation of live speedsculpting and hologram shows, videomapping, Virtual Reality mixing, Augmented and indoor projections for the large audience.

HoloSpeedSculpt, a new artistic turn of VR: a hologram sculptor. HoloSpeedSculpt’s performance is aligned with the innovations of digital and multimedia art.

The HoloSpeedSculpt concept features a VR-Sculptor who shares his virtual world with the public (who does not wear a VR headset) through a graphic and musical narration rendered in the form of holographic projection.

SpeedSculpting’s performance is defined by its speed of live execution. The VR-Sculptor quickly creates virtual sculptures one after another in an holographic scenery to invite the public to travel with him, in his universe.

Being at the crossroads between Street Art, Comics and Pop Art, HoloSpeedSculpt performances are to hologram shows what the Graphic Novel is to the Comic Strip.

The artist chose to share his world and his work in VR, through a live show, with an audience. He invites his public to “enter” his “VR Headset”…




Address: 49 avenue Carnot 94230 Cachan

Telephone: 0620535510

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