Gerard Bernasconi

Gerard Bernasconi

Writer and director of interactive fiction in VR -TW Last Night: interactive animated about Tennessee Williams , in development at NEXUS FORWARD. -Tumbleweed: VR painting and sculpting with Quill and Medium. - Quaestio: episode 01 of 360° interactive film, self-produce. - Le JTVR: news about VR


Author-director of scenographic film

  • Scriptwriter
  • Graphic designer
  • Music Composer


Virtual Reality

– Writer and director of interactive fiction in VR:

– Trainer in VR content writing (Gobelins, Laval Virtual Center)

– Creator of a blog on the development of fiction, documentary and communication content writing in Virtual Reality.

I spent ten years writing projects, while studying references such as “La Dramaturgie” (Y. Lavandier), “Anatomy of story” (J. TRUBY), “Story” (R. Mc KEE), “The Writer’s Journey” (C. VOGLER).

I attended John TRUBY’s MASTERCLASS “Writing the TV Series”, a long training on writing with Jean-Marie Roth at CEFPF and I also attended the training “Writing for Animation”.

Professionnal career
For 10 years I worked as a musician-composer, then I turned to the image business. Graphic designer in 1992, in publishing and advertising, I switched to special effects and animation films in 1996-97. Creation of my youth production company for the Web in 2000. Artistic Director of BFMTV 2006. Writing and directing animated films for advertising, scenography for famous French artists. I have been teaching”Writing Content in Virtual Reality”.at the Gobelins School since 2005.