Gate22 is a unique concept of Museum of Digital Arts and Design in virtual reality. We have created this innovative virtual space where art meets technology and where artists exhibit their digital works in unprecedented unique settings. Our goal is to offer visitors new immersive experiences around digital art, with a new generation of museums.

Gate22 is centered on the human experience that is at the heart of our concerns. An intelligent narrative is integrated directly into the experience to accompany the audience throughout their visit. The museum is community-based. It moves away from static and vertical content to a new dynamic platform of content creation and sharing by offering experiences tailored to different social groups.

Gate22 is interactive. Visitors are the actors of their own experience rather than mere spectators. It is truly inclusive, global and ubiquitous. Thanks to its presence in the physical, digital and virtual worlds, it offers a 24/7 access to its content from any digital or geographical location.

Welcome to the Next Generation Museum!