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The Forum des images is an institution supported by the City of Paris, and since its creation, has celebrated cinema and animation in all forms. Drama, documentary, animation, long and short films, TV series, web creation – every genre, every format, and every audiovisual discipline has a home here in this unique space for sharing our passion that is recognized by the industry and loved by the general public.

Offering a perspective on the era and the world in which we live, turning preconceived ideas upside-down, educating and raising awareness about cinema amongst younger audiences, and all this through a camera lens, the Forum des images is also a place for exploring and discovering new industry trends.

After exploring the arrival of miniature cameras in smartphones (Pocket Films 2005-2010) and examining the boundaries of mashup video (Mashup Films Festival 2011-2014), it was a perfectly natural step for the Forum des images to encompass virtual reality and the new approaches in its distribution and production strategy.

In June 2016, the Forum des images created the Paris Virtual Film Festival, the first event in France dedicated to virtual reality from a cinematographic perspective. It offers audiences the chance to track the creativity of this sector year-round with VR Saturdays sessions (organized in partnership with Diversion cinema and VRrOOm) and is producing a documentary series entitled Paris l’envers du décor.



Address: 17, porte Saint Eustache 75001 Paris (Forum des Halles)

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