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Games, stories and most of time, both.DV is an award-winning, independent, digital and VR innovation studio. It constantly mixes different genres and formats to create new narratives for striking immersive experiences, in which interactivity participates in triggering a whole lot of intense and complex emotions for the audience.

Founded in 2011, DVgroup has assisted a great number of famous brands in their communication strategies. Its field of expertise covers as well digital campaigns (websites, mobile applications) as on-location installations (digital shop front, in-store displays, interactive tables, digital booths, interactive stage design…) DVgroup made an entrance into the VR market by strongly bonding with its partners, thanks to its techno logical expertise. In just a few years, the independent studio has participated in the creation of more than 150 films and it now has all the skills necessary to the whole production chain in-house, from writing to deployment.

Today, DVgroup’s activities focus on production services, original content production, technical research and development, and the deployment of interactive and VR installations.



Address: 134, rue d’Aubervilliers 75019 PARIS

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