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In 2006 the team working around the « Plan of Rome » was instrumental in creating theInterdisciplinary Center of Virtual Reality (CIREVE) of the University of Caen Normandie, the main missions of which are: the standardization of the technology platform of virtual reality (cluster, projectors, screen, interfaces), standardization of the skills, organization of training, promotion and support of the use of the virtual reality in research both in the Humanities and Social Sciences as well as in the exact and experimental sciences.

Main works on VR :

Virtual reconstruction of ancient Rome
Roma in tabula
Caen before the second world war
Reconstruction of the Church of Thaon



Address: Université de Caen Normandie, CIREVE, MRSH Bur. SH 209, CS 14032, 14032 Caen cedex 5

Telephone: (33) 2 31 56 62 38

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