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An independent audiovisual production company created in 1982 by Fabienne Servan-Schreiber, Cinétévé has produced more than 700 hours of programming for both television and cinema screens (feature films, fiction films, documentaries, and animated films). Our company takes a keen interest in social, political and cultural issues.

In 2011, our company moved into the realm of interactive productions, calling upon the talents of an in-house team built around producer David Bigiaoui.  Self-taught, he built his culture and vision on digital productions through a series of experiments. In the past, he has worked on projects in a wide array of formats and for multiple uses: digital installations, virtual reality, video games, application softwares, interactive movies. With innovation as his guiding light, he developed several interactive projects at Cinétévé. His productions include: “WEI or Die”, “DIY Manifesto”, “Générations 14” and “Jaurès pas à pas”.



Address: 82, rue de Rivoli 75004 Paris

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