Chroniques des imaginaires numériques

Chroniques des imaginaires numériques

Can the prospect of an inescapable end of time coexist with our hopes for the future, our desires for eternity ?


A key event of next fall, Chroniques des imaginaires numériques is a biennial dedicated to the link between contemporary creation and new technologies.

The biennial promotes two disciplines : art and philosophy. In 2020, the latter will be at the service of a new theme, Eternity.

Presented in Aix-en-Provence and Marseille during the autumn of 2020, come and discover our itinerary composed of exhibitions but also shows, concerts, performances and live audiovisual works that will lead you on the path of temporal paradoxes : between dreams and realities, hope and fatalism. 

A second edition as expected as the first one, always as ambitious and which will be able to rock the spirits while being anchored in reality.