Art & VR Gallery – Laval Virtual

Art & VR Gallery – Laval Virtual


The Art&VR Gallery is an international exhibition of art and virtual/mixed reality, within Laval Virtual, founded by artist-researcher Judith Guez. The theme of this 2nd edition 2019 is: Real Illusion/Virtual Illusion.

Laval Virtual’s Art&VR Gallery supports the artistic effervescence of the virtual and mixed reality field by highlighting the intrinsic links between art and digital innovation. It presents new artistic forms of virtual reality : around works by artists, researchers, students who explore the medium of virtual reality.

The Art&VR Gallery consists of two parts: On the one hand, the official Art&VR Gallery is an exhibition of works, selected following an international call for projects. It offers a real spotlight on recognized or ermerging artists whose artistic work in virtual reality opens up new perspectives. On the other hand, an artistic journey through emblematic places in the city of Laval offers exhibitions of emerging works that question the link between art and new technologies.

Call for participation