Culture VR - The Meat Temple – Tragedia Zoophilica

The Meat Temple – Tragedia Zoophilica


The Meat Temple is an immersive virtual universe in which visitors explore an ancient temple built with meat and meat products (ham, salami, mortadella, chorizo…). The cow and the pig, two symptomatic and symbolic breeding animals, have been chosen to represent religious and moral food taboos in this theatrical animal tragedy. They are staged in a slow, macabre and mechanical choreography, on the verge of agony and cannibal carnage. We hear screaming the automaton clock of churches in unison with that of automatic slaughterhouses, which announces the time of production to the chain of industrial suffering. In the second part of this memory architecture appear some human animals are old and swollen by obesity, others are younger, deformed by rickets. All suffer from malnutrition and their bodies revolt against this injustice by fomenting the wars of hunger and satiety. Inside their body of animals appears a chopped steak homunculus that fights against the programmed obsolescence of the human body. In the middle of the temple, the bargaining table, of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, is set for a carnivorous and cannibal feast. Here it plays the last act of this animal tragedy.


The Meat Temple – Tragedia Zoophilica

Juan Le Parc

Juan Le Parc has been working for many years on the forms of representation of the human body by associating artistic and scientific practices in his approach. ...