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THE RAIN is an encounter in a typical landscape, whose apparent magic can’t make us forget the drama of the situation. Voices are heard. Who are they ? Step by step their story is told to us and their presence seems to float by our side.

This film is a tribute to the victims of sexual exploitation established by the Japanese government during the Second World War. The victims have not yet been recognized by Japan. They are Korean, Chinese, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Indonesian…

This project does not bring a lawsuit in Japan, but focuses on human pain metaphorically translated through the figure of the ghost and pays homage to these women. Virtual reality is the most appropriate way to explore the vision of a spectrum.

This shaping, the multiplicity of modes of production that it induces, makes it possible to consider a total immersion in the work and to create an immediate identification; a blur between the physical and mental limits of the viewer and the characters. The extra information produced by VR enriches the viewer’s environment and actively involves him in the work.


Passive 360° video

Description : The easiest format to set up and exhibit.

Platform compatibilty : Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, Samsung GearVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, others

Technical Requirements : VR Headset, Swivel stool/chair, Compatible smartphone or desktop PC, Charger, Internet connection

Tutorial : watch here

User Mediation: 1 person for 10 to 20 VR stations