Culture VR - Hôpital Nord Franche-Comté

Hôpital Nord Franche-Comté


If there is a discipline where the VR finds quite naturally its place, it is good the architecture. That is why Richard Copans with les Films d’Archi suggested to Bachibouzouk throwing Architectvres, a collection of movies in VR 360 who, resumes the fundamental of the collection Architectures: tell a story, make understand a building … The movie about The hospital the North Franche-Comté is the first opus of this new collection.

The director sheds light on the hospital of Trévenans opened in 2017. He gathers the teams of the hospitals of Belfort and today closed Montbéliard. The whole in 250 meters long on 90 meters wide with 5 hillside levels. It is the functional place which has to welcome the sick in emergencies, in external consultation or in hospitalization. More than 20 specialized services mix. One thus needs that architecture which separates radically the external consultations of the services of hospitalization, to reduce at the most the routes of the patients and the nursing staff. The flow of spaces and the natural light are essential to anticipate the evolutions of the medicine, the peaks of epidemic and to limit the effects of the stress.

Richard Copans builds his movie around three routes which become entangled and follow each other: the route of a patient in external consultation then the route of a patient who arrives by emergencies, then hospitalized and operated, followed by the route of the food, of the linen and the medicine.


Passive 360° video

Description : The easiest format to set up and exhibit.

Platform compatibilty : Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, Samsung GearVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, others

Technical Requirements : VR Headset, Swivel stool/chair, Compatible smartphone or desktop PC, Charger, Internet connection

Tutorial : watch here

User Mediation: 1 person for 10 to 20 VR stations