Culture VR - Hétérotopia



The underlying idea is inspired by the concept of heterotopia described by the philosopher Michel Foucault. In general, a heterotopia is a physical representation or an approximation of an utopia, or even a parallel, contradictory and transforming space. Worlds inside worlds.

In this project, Heterotopia is this space which does not exist apart in the memory of our characters. An invisible place that covers other places. A fictitious place that modifies our representations in a very real way. These immaterial worlds take shape in an encounter between photogrammetry, kinect and real scenography. It allows the participants to see their bodies in virtual reality and to play with an interactive material made of particles. By touching these clouds of points they raise the buildings of these worlds phantasmagoriated by the protagonists according to the sound stories.

The installation of Heterotopia requires little equipment (a VR helmet, a desk, a TV screen and a kinect) and therefore it adapts to different spaces. Its current themes seeking to evoke a possible and common future bring a real interaction between the participants and with the spectators. To support this deep collaboration, it is possible to add a projection of the virtual environment, as it was done at the Forum des images (see Device p.5), and thus visualize all the bodies located close to the area of experience thanks to the kinect.


Immersive installation, multisensorial

Description : The ultimate immersive experience

Platform compatibilty : Oculus Rift, HTC Vive

Technical Requirements : Specific hardware, software and operating processes, according to technical rider form the producer.

Tutorial : Contact production

User Mediation: Contact production

Interactive / Moving position

Description : The benchmark VR format.

Platform compatibilty : Oculus Rift, HTC Vive

Technical Requirements : VR Headset, dedicated space (3m b 3m mini), compatible desktop PC, Power outlet, headphone, Internet connection

Tutorial : Contact production

User Mediation: Contact production