Culture VR - Eve dance is an unplaceable place

Eve dance is an unplaceable place


Eve makes possible the encounter between the virtual and the real world. Eve is a Pachamama, the goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes, known as the earth and time mother. In Inca mythology, she is an ever-present and independent deity who has her own self-sufficient and creative power to sustain life on this earth. The four cosmological Quechua principles – Water, Earth, Sun, and Moon – claim Pachamama as their prime origin. The project is a live participative dance performance based on three experiences of Embodied Virtual Reality: Oh Home, Multiplication and The Ecstasy of Gold Reloaded.

Oh Home/ Europe welcomes a large number of migrants, and the percentage increases with the great migrations of the last years. We are open to changes, but we are still debating how to deal with the impact to cultural diversity.

Multiplication/ Computers are windows to the vast knowledge that people can elaborate and share via Internet. It is a cycle from data to knowledge to data, it is a vehicle of traveling and transforming. Find yourself in front of a digital alterego. The Ecstasy of Gold Reloaded/

In Venice and its semi-emerged lands, the landscapes of silence change with the flow of the tides, the colors of water, sky and earth mingle with the red brick of human buildings, and the salt marshes offer hospitality to a fauna that does not want to die.


Eve dance is an unplaceable place

Bergamo Margherita

Margherita Bergamo (alias Telma Ha) is a dancer, choreographer and producer. In 2017 she started to research in languages and technological application. Her dan...