Culture VR - Eclipse



Embark on the Eclipse spaceship for a unique and collaborative experience in 4 dimensions thanks to virtual reality and special effects!

This escape game will bluff you! Your complete virtual reality equipment, high-resolution headphones, motion sensors and special and sensory effects will make you live an incredible 4D virtual reality escape game experience for the first time in France, with breathtaking graphics! Collaboration, puzzles and unique sensations await you for a trip into space with a team of 2 to 4 players.

Do you like challenges, can you be consistent, observant, team player? Immediate boarding!

Forget about your preconceived ideas about virtual reality. Here the graphics are very realistic, your movements are fully reproduced in the game and this escape game designed with the latest technologies does not generate motion sickness or feeling of imbalance.


Immersive installation, multisensorial

Description : The ultimate immersive experience

Platform compatibilty : Oculus Rift, HTC Vive

Technical Requirements : Specific hardware, software and operating processes, according to technical rider form the producer.

Tutorial : Contact production

User Mediation: Contact production