Institut français

The Institut français is a public institution in charge of implementing France’s cultural action abroad. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, its mission is to promote French culture worldwide and foster exchanges with foreign cultures.

Its action is at the crossroads of artistic creation, intellectual exchanges, cultural and social innovation and linguistic cooperation. It lends its support, all over the world, to the promotion of the French language, circulation of works, artists and ideas in creative areas (cinema, visual arts, performing arts, digital technology, literature, philosophy, etc.), thus fostering the wide production and acknowledgement of French talent.

The Institut français actively contributes to ‘‘diplomacy of influence’’ in France. Its projects and programmes take local context into account and rely on its unique ability for implementation through its vast Cultural Services network of embassies and consulates, instituts français and Alliances françaises present on five continents.

Digital technology is a strategic priority of the Institut français and the Cultural Network. It is a means for disseminating culture, a full cultural topic in its own right, and a new tool for creation. For several years now, at the intersection of these three dimensions, French professionals have been creating, inventing and rolling out unique know-how, with innovation, creativity and uniqueness now appreciated the world over.

Such overviews of cultural innovation, its first opus being VR culture, aims at establishing a complete inventory on a single website, one that is unique, multilingual and contributory, in the realm of digital creation.

Its aims are to foster, through the presentation of works and authors, the promotion of French achievements as well as set up a benchmark website for professionals where all useful information (i.e. glossary, contacts, training programmes, tutorials, etc.) can be provided.

The Institut français wishes to assist all sectors linked to cultural innovation in their development, acknowledgement abroad and presence in a worldwide ecosystem. It will soon implement two new overviews, one dedicated to ‘‘Innovative books’’ and the other to ‘‘cultural videos’’.