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7 lives


7 lives is a VR tale that takes you to a world where ordinary boundaries disappear.

In a suspended moment, you access emotions, visions and memories of others and travel seamlessly between opposing dimensions: intimacy and appearances, past and present, living and dead. Taking root in Japan and shinto, 7 lives arouse an imagination shared by a whole generation, inspired by japanim and mangas.

The narrative yet has a true universal dimension through the very contemporary notions of trauma and resilience. Empathy here is not used as a nice approval to cute things, but a new way to combine narratives, interactions and physical commitments to learn about ourselves and others, beyond words.


7 lives

Jan Kounen

Director, screenwriter and producer of Dutch origin.  
7 lives

Charles Ayats

Explores new narrative and interactive forms to tell stories and question reality.
7 lives

Sabrina Calvo

Sabrina likes to invent fantastic, quirky and always poetic worlds. She has been living in Hollywood for a few years, writing for magazines (POMO Frag, Disneyla...

production and distribution


Red corner


Interactive / Moving position

Description : The benchmark VR format.

Platform compatibilty : Oculus Rift, HTC Vive

Technical Requirements : VR Headset, dedicated space (3m b 3m mini), compatible desktop PC, Power outlet, headphone, Internet connection

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