Talks with vr people


Antoine Cayrol


Antoine Cayrol is a VR pioneer and the producer of « I Philip » and « Alteration », two experiences who made a mark for their originality, high production values and thematics.

«VR is a new medium which needs a new language.»

Morgan Bouchet

Morgan Bouchet is un charge of content innovation and VR at Orange and co-founder of Uni-XR think tank

Pierre Zandrowicz

Pierre Zandrowicz is a VR Director. His work VR film I Philp has been a milestone in VR filmaking and contributed greatly to the recognition of the french VR scene in international festivals.

Vincent Ravalec

Vincent Ravalec is a French writer, director and producer. He is currently at work on Fan Club, France's first feature-length VR movie.

Chloé Jarry

Chloé Jarry is the producer for innovative content at Camera Lucida. Her latest production, The Enemy, is an ambitious immersive installation which makes a striking use of VR and AR.

Frédéric Josué

Frédéric Josué is the president of Uni-XR, the French think tank for VR, AR and MR

Elisha Karmitz

Elisha Karmitz is co-owner of MK2 and director of MK2 VR, Europe's largest VR theater.