artwork: an ever growing display of french vr creations.

Fugue VR

Mozart 360

Empty Room



Siren Song

I Philip

I, Philip is a 14 minutes short-film and offers the user an immersive experience in 360°-video and 3D.


SENS VR is a vr labyrinth inspired by a graphic novel. a voyage of initiation into the heart of a universe filled with strange laws.


Alteration is a VR short film directed by Jérôme Blanquet and produced by Okio studios (I Philip). An experience on the edge of VR, exploring the potential connections between our dreams and AI.

Utrillo & Valadon’s artist studio in Montmartre, Paris

A mesmerizing photogrammetric experience in the universes of painters Valadon and Utrillo, in the heart of village Montmatre.


After the noteworthy DMZ, Hayoun Kwon creates l’Oiseleuse, a work about how particular memories are created. An ambitious project well served by the possibilities of VR.

The Enemy

An innovative, immersive experience in the heart of the planet’s longest-running conflicts, and at the intersection of virtual reality, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and storytelling.


A virtual reality short film by Benjamin Nuel, questioning faith and post-modern mythology, based on a famous space opera movie.

Red Light, Green Light

Produced in 48h with Wonda VR, Red Light, Green Light turn a kid game into a life of best and worst memories.

Firebird – La Péri

Regarded as a pioneer work of VR, Firebird – La Péri was met with great enthusiasm, mainly thanks to an interactive narrative that borrows as much from dancing and music than from virtual worlds. A must play experience.

Fan Club Ravalec culture vr institut francais fabbula

Fan Club

Fan Club is the first VR feature film of Vincent Ravalec. Starring Sylvie Testud, Irène Jacob, Mathieu Kassovitz and Denis Lavant.

La tentation de Saint Antoine de Jérôme Bosch

The 360° experience transforms Hieronymus Bosch triptych in an animated space and allows us to dive into this middle age masterpiece.

Les Ménines de Diego Velázquez

A VR work between illusion and reality, revealing how Velázquez seizes our senses and endlessly questions our reason.